15 minutes

What would you do? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Would you feel prepared? Would you keep on working out in order to have the best 15 minutes of your life?

Would you consider putting this time into helping others? Does it matter?

What does it matter after all?

Would the fame disappear once the time has ended or would you will still be enjoying the fruit of your labor?

There are more questions to come. Why is fame so important to you? Is fame important at all?

Is there something better out there than these 15 minutes?

What if everything is a mirage? What if the famous people around us don’t feel so special after all? Sonder? Does it ring a bell?

It’s ok if being famous comes as a result of the actions that were directed to a good cause. It’s bad if the fame comes as a result of your non stop work towards it. This is not what’s it all about and the people from this category will find themselves walking on thin ice sooner or later.

Create! Start with 15 minutes at a time. Show up instead of showing off and you’ll develop a sustainable habit.


Fame will come and go but the 15 minutes will always be here with you!

Read a book. 15 minutes

Make a collage. 15 minutes

Doodle. 15 minutes

Write. 15 minutes

This is today’s menu. It’s cheaper than watching an episode of your favourite series on Netflix. What stops you from going this way? Why would you choose one over the other? Are you in charge or is there somebody else choosing for you?

I’m here struggling not to fall asleep while my eyes jump back and forth from the screen to the timer. I have 1:15 min left. It’s so hard to move on with the writing. Sir, ¬†how do I get from here to FAME? At least could you tell me if I’m on the right path?