a Burden

Well well, so you made it to the 22nd Century. That wasn’t so hard after all. You see, all this future came with a lot of weight attached to it. As decades passed, you managed to get a lighter load upon your shoulders, literally speaking. Simply because everything has to balanced, this physical weight went psychical.

It’s a burden you carry everyday, as closer you get to the end of the day, it grows bigger and bigger until it knocks you down. You just want to go to sleep in order to have another chance tomorrow. You live your life just like in that movie where every day was identical to the previous. The bad news is that you are on “repeat mode”. The good news is that each day you plant a seed, a gift for your future self. One day it will start growing into a small flower that will bloom.

When you can’t control it anymore, just take your hands of the steering wheel. Have you ever drove one of those small bumping cars in an amusement park? They feel like you can control until somebody bumps into you unexpectedly and you turn that wheel a bit too much and some kind of mystical force starts steering the wheel out of the blue in the opposite direction. You’re flight or fight instinct tells you to hold tight of the wheel in order to get back on track when letting go would be the real solution here.

It’s all in your head, just let go when you feel that you’ve reached the climax. Go for a walk, indulge yourself with your favourite guilty pleasure and when you feel ready, come back. This way you’ll unload the burden and you’ll turn back to the things that really matter to you. The things that got you into this game after all.

You’ve heard it all before: it’s all in your head. It’s hard, but it’s better than the alternative, better than carrying this burden on your shoulders.