Almost set

How come you’re never ready… Once you finish reading that book or watching the tutorial, you feel like attending one more course in order for everything to be perfect in order to start practicing. So you take it. And another one, and so on until you forgot where you were heading.

Why is showing up so scary?

Just think about it for a moment: it’s not hard at all to show up. As long as you want it, it will happen effortlessly. But for now, ¬†you really have to watch the latest episode from that series. It just premiered. It’s urgent so life can wait. You’ll start the project tomorrow, the first thing in the morning. No worries, you’ll have the whole day to do the work.

There’s no need to take small steps on a daily basis, when you can take a leap every Sunday, don’t you? And now Sunday comes, and guess what, something else needs all your attention?

It’s not your fault! What could you do… Almost everybody is in the same situation as you so why bother changing things.

Well, as long as you take full responsibility for your current actions there’s nothing wrong. On the other hand if you feel sorry for yourself and for the time you wasted, stop it right there and start taking those small steps toward changing things. You see, it’s like recovering after an accident: as easy as it may seem to walk (it used to be automatic), you have to learn everything again; just focus and take one step at a time, one day you will be running again.

Start now!