It’s a blessing. 14:40 left

What should I do now? Where should I go? I should have written this post two hours ago.

Anyway I’m still here. I’m doing it for the sake of the exercise. And this was week number 17. There’s no more energy. Right now my internal battery as less than 3%. It was a great Sunday. I’ve read a couple of pages from “trickster makes the world”. It starts to make sense now: Hermes, Legbda, Coyote, Loki; different names for the same kind of person. She is the artist. She struggles every day to start, and when she does, she is unstoppable.

This is where everything starts. The World was built on the very same principles.

And it works. As long as you do the work, it works. If you’re afraid, you’ll also do it. It’s a matter of time. Sooner or later you would have moved to the next level. You will always ask yourself why haven’t you started it sooner. Everybody has his time. Keep on searching. Be patient. Ask questions. Try to solve interesting problems.

My biggest wins for this week: I’ve made a live dj set comprising of the music I’ve created so far. I’m greatful because Luke has suggested me a great resource related to marketing for musicians (and for independent artists in general). I feel that from tomorrow I’m moving even further with my career as a musician. I need the money in order to move my music to the next level. I feel that the mix and mastering, made by a professional would make a significant difference. I’m also looking forward in using the concepts from “the business model generation” in order to come up with a new business model that will bring me some new insights.

This is the 24th post from the writestreak. I’m on track.

Today I’ve installed an app that resembles the 5minute journal. I will use it for free during the next seven days and see if it worths the investment. Compared to a physical journal the price is a bargain.

2:33 left

I’ve finished the first draft for Ana’s video. I’m happy because I had some fun doing it. How do I know it? Well, I haven’t moved from this chair for 3 hours or so. This definitely says something about the state I’ve been into. It was a kind of flow.

Today I’ve moved four track to Release. It’s the first time when I move tracks into this column by getting through all the steps of the Automatic Music Machine. Thank you Mike!