One, two, three into the four… Mic Check

People used to gather celebrate. In the near future people will still gather. But what about now?

Celebrate because you lived another day. Celebrate because tomorrow you have the chance to start all over again. Celebrate because you can read this from a screen (that 25 years ago was available only to a few). Celebrate because you’ve just taken another breath. Don’t hesitate to celebrate if you hear the silence. Celebrate the colours around you. Celebrate the light and the music. Celebrate for every vibration that you feel. Close your eyes, picture yourself on a beach… Celebrate some more.

Invent a festival. Give it a name. Set a day in the calendar. Imagine how would it feel. Even though it’s not due, celebrate it right now. Celebrate the days. Sum up all the numbers that compose your birthday and celebrate.

What’s on the other side? A lot of the people live their lives as there’s no tomorrow; simply put, every thing is bad and the Apocalypse is near. They felt the same last year and the year before. Now they feel better than ever in their misery just because right now their prophecy has been fulfilled. They might be right, but what do they get from this? They feel good for a moment and they get back to how they felt before, waiting for the next catastrophe.

Feeling good or bad, you burn the same amount of calories (even more when you are stressed). Why don’t you take a break and conserve all this waisted energy? Do something crazy right now! Celebrate!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? In the middle of a crisis, you are happy. Celebrate because you’re not on the side; the middle is something after all (in order to get here, you took some action).


















Let’s Etarbelec!

Sounds better now!


Where does it come from? Do you need it? Do you crave for it? What’s the worst that could happen if it doesn’t show up?

In this world governed by ideas, there are times when you would give your all in order to catch one of those original thoughts that would change your status. It might take the form of a picture, some inspiring text or motion graphics. Ideas are the new currency.

You trade ideas for attention. The better the ideas, the longer the attention. Keep them coming and you’ll be on the map and people will come back for more. You will make a living out of ideas.

The worst case scenario? In snowbording, you take the biggest falls after you get the taste of riding and want some more. It’s the same with ideas: let’s say you are here, in a place where none of your ideas have stuck, you keep looking until you find a noteworthy one. From now on everything changes. If you never come with something similar, you’ll be remembered as a “one hit wonder” (if anybody will remember you at all).

The place where these ideas come from? In general people call it inspiration, others say that’s something related to geniuses. What the majority doesn’t now (especially the ones who are watching from the comfort of their couches) is that the only thing creation and inspiration have in common is related to a physical act: taking the deep breath before doing the work.

Next time you want to create, you’ll definitely need inspiration. Listen to your thoughts related to the thing that you’ll always wanted to create (there might be a lot of noise that stops you from taking action). 

Inspire, expire, inspire, expire.

Do it for 10 seconds then, have a sit and do the work!

On the

’cause it’s like that and that’s the way it is!

You end up doing it on the last moment. You improvise something. It turns out to be ok. Or….

Well, what if you prepared? How would you do it next time? 

When it comes out “on the fly” you let your subconscious do its work. It’s like skiing, except you don’t risk breaking your leg. You might feel that there’s a huge leap your taking, but there’s nothing to break here. Maybe you could loose some of your social status but except that, you’re safe.

Why are you playing so safe if you’re safe already? Is there something else about your current situation? How does it fell being a coward. Just before you go to bed, what’s the last thing that comes into your mind? What are the three most beautiful things that happened to you today? Have you left a positive mark on this planet?

Except your creative act, what else benefits from being accomplished “on the fly”? What would benefit from a slow treatment? Does your life worths to be lived “on the fly”?

Just rambling… This text is being written “on the fly”. You can spot its quality from a mile. It lacks clarity. When you’re speeding up, time compresses and you miss all the details: the trees become smaller and the road is narrow. One bad decision and everything falls apart. The good news: you’ll arrive at your destination earlier. The bad news: except finishing you won be enjoying anything else. Time will pass and “i finished faster” would be your only memory, your only story. On the other hand if you stop being a speed junky, you’ll be enjoying all these stories that will be worth being told.

On the fly. What is opposed to this? In the moment? Right now, right here?

The end… You’ll get there anyway, why don’t you smell the roses for the time being?