...but first

You don’t know how you got here. You woke up at 05:00, did some creative work, had a coffee and now it’s 22:52. What happened?

You started with good intentions. Yesterday, around the same time and place you called it a day and you were greatful that you’ll start all over again in the morning. Those good intentions were not enough. There had to be something more. Does it really have to be a life and death situation in order to move on with your plans? Are you afraid of planning? No, there’s no quick fix. You are on your own. Actually everybody is for himself. Whoever tells you he found the answer in a certain book, even though he’s not lying, his solution was only for him.

It all started with you sitting on that chair, opening that book. Today had to be the day, the one when you read a lot and you come up with a lot of insights. Placed the book on your virtual desktop, opened the first page, read a couple of lines… it seemed fresh and interesting. So fresh that you wanted to grasp it all in a bite… but first. This is the moment when you went down the rabbit hole. You felt that you won’t be back for some time but you still opened Facebook. [case closed] You’ve met a friend. He came up with a breakthrough. You left facebook, but this was not it. You had to try this breakthrough. It was too good to be true.  You tested and tested. You see, time flies when you’re testing and having fun at the same time. By the end of this journey you felt depleted. Where where you? …but first… If you could only turn back time and stopped before the “…”

Again and again, tomorrow is another day. Thank God.

bf – but first

bufi – butfirst

butfir – butfirst

tt – tsrif tub

st – sriftu

rf – rift

ti – tfir

I had todo a bit of doodling with fonts. I love fonts. I wonder if Google was here. What if I write a song entitled “Google was here”? Something similar with “Lily was here” but with a crawler flavour.

This was day no 24. Time flies when your having fun.