This word might not even exist…

But they… they are real.

It’s that individual that, with a low, monotone voice tells you that things will never be the same again, that this is as real as it could get. So far, so good. There’s nothing wrong in expressing your view related to our surroundings. This is what freedom of speech is all about.

Well, he doesn’t stop here… Of course there are some more things. From the surroundings, he closer and closer. There’s a turn in the situation right as you speak: it seems like you are the real problem after all. This is where the instant feedback mechanism kicks in: in glimpse you are caught in an avalanche of unsolicited feedback. With the last breath you simply want to get away. It’s too late… Your mind strikes back, the overthinking mechanism is doing its thing.

Feedback is always welcomed: it plays an important role in the your evolution. In the near future you’ll be a totally different person, and all of this thanks to the feedback you’ve received.

In my humble opinion a conversation meant to build a better future, is based on listening. This is what empathy is all about after all. This begs the question: why do people give advice before proper listening? What’s in it for them? 

We love to talk so much that we forgot what listening really feels like.

If you’ve crossed paths with feedbacker lately, do yourself a favour and move on; you’ll thank yourself later!

Some food for thought:

Avoid taking advice from someone who gives advice for a living, unless there is a penalty for their advice.” — Nassim Taleb



v 0.21b

And “growl” said the bassline while the C3 was clearing its throat.

Thin saw pads with a touch of FM piano keys for you to enjoy.



15 minutes

What would you do? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Would you feel prepared? Would you keep on working out in order to have the best 15 minutes of your life?

Would you consider putting this time into helping others? Does it matter?

What does it matter after all?

Would the fame disappear once the time has ended or would you will still be enjoying the fruit of your labor?

There are more questions to come. Why is fame so important to you? Is fame important at all?

Is there something better out there than these 15 minutes?

What if everything is a mirage? What if the famous people around us don’t feel so special after all? Sonder? Does it ring a bell?

It’s ok if being famous comes as a result of the actions that were directed to a good cause. It’s bad if the fame comes as a result of your non stop work towards it. This is not what’s it all about and the people from this category will find themselves walking on thin ice sooner or later.

Create! Start with 15 minutes at a time. Show up instead of showing off and you’ll develop a sustainable habit.


Fame will come and go but the 15 minutes will always be here with you!

Read a book. 15 minutes

Make a collage. 15 minutes

Doodle. 15 minutes

Write. 15 minutes

This is today’s menu. It’s cheaper than watching an episode of your favourite series on Netflix. What stops you from going this way? Why would you choose one over the other? Are you in charge or is there somebody else choosing for you?

I’m here struggling not to fall asleep while my eyes jump back and forth from the screen to the timer. I have 1:15 min left. It’s so hard to move on with the writing. Sir,  how do I get from here to FAME? At least could you tell me if I’m on the right path?



v 0.20b

This session was silky smooth. I’m not superstitious…

There is something about Mondays that makes me feel really good. It’s like having another chance.


I Pirate

I Pirate

Why in the world would you buy that software when you can get a pirated cop!?

And just when I thought that this was a thing of the past, I’ve found out that people are still using dodgy copies of their favorite software. Isn’t it more expensive?

Noo, it’s really free. The only downside is that you have to hit that skip button for a couple of ads and that you don’t have the latest updates available.

Well, from the experience I had with pirate software I found out that it’s very expensive to use. Yes, you don’t pay with cash, because you don’t see the money, it doesn’t mean that it’s free.

Pirate software as a marketing tool

Where demo software usually fails in making the sale, the cracked versions seems to make a great job. By having the sensation that it is complete pirate software makes you dig deeper and learn all the advanced features. Everything works great until your operating system gets an unexpected update. You are a pirate so you don’t get the update for that cracked copy.

Let’s say a drug dealer gets robbed. Does he ask the police for help?

If a pirate has a problem with the cracked software, does he call customer support? Not only he is unable to get his money back (dooh) but he’s also unable to complain. If I were one of those companies that gets its software pirated, I would launch demo versions (with normal timebombs) and also my own pirated versions (with a custom timebomb based on the most important feature of the software — e.g. when the project gets to 4+ hours of work, the software crashes etc.).

Would that be ethical?



v 0.19b

GiGo, or better known as garbage in, garbage in.

Oh my, about the process again. It’s so messy in the beginning…

And it feels even messier when it ends (you weren’t expecting that..)

But there are times when it feels so good in the end that you are afraid to move on in order not to ruin this perfect moment in time. Well, no matter how hard you try, it’s going to be ruined anyway. 

Enjoy it, take a deep breath and move on. 

It’s better than clinging to it!


i told you so

I told
you so

Really ?! How come?

Weren’t you the one who told me there’s no need to walk the extra mile? What about your suggestion regarding that cold shower? I know, you care about me and you do your best to keep me safe, but you see, we’re not in the savannah. It’s safe. I can do whatever I want, I can stumble and fall and I can still have another chance tomorrow.

Why are you changing all the time? What’s in it for you if now you tell me to stay and the very next moment you complain that we should have moved?

How do you feel deep down inside when you stop me from taking the shower? I turn on the water and leave it running until it’s cold as ice. I get into the shower, the flight or flight mode kicks in. I get out, I’m refreshed. While looking in the mirror, I hear this slick, calm voice: it was such a great idea to take this shower, I told you so!

this is the last creative endevour for the day. I’m writing here because you told me so. Yep, you told me that it would be a good idea to pass, that I really need some rest. I wonder what’s on your mind, what are you going to say after I hit that “post” button. (One thing is for sure, you’ve just made a suggestion that it’s not such a good idea to post this draft.)

As usual, it’s my skin in the game. I’l take my changes, there’s no other option than to move forward. Don’t tell me I haven’t told you so!




v 0.18b

This was the second day of using 20 presets. That’s too much! Way too much. After finishing the 30 min session I felt depleted.  I’m going back to 10 presets for session.



v 0.17b

The first seven days. 

The first milestone for SS.

I’m glad that I’ve started this journey. Don’t know exactly where I’m heading but I do know that along the way I will discover a lot of interesting things.

In order to produce, you have to consume. As true as it may sound, this doesn’t apply 100% to the creative process: you put in the time and the energy and that should be all; after you have bought that instrument you’ve dreamt of, please have as seat and explore it (instead getting into the average consumer trap of getting some more gear or some more presets — trust me, I’ve bought more than 28.000 presets so far).

Don’t forget to have fun!



v 0.16b

There is something about that accordion. I almost forgot how this guilty pleasure feels like. I’ve played a couple of notes and ran them through the EchoBoy. 1/8dot and that should do the trick.

I loved this preset as well as the additive piano.

Feeling creative? Just download the sample you like. 

Use it and abuse it!