make noise

Make Noise

Fear of flight. Fear of hight…. water, boats, spiders… 

Fear of noise. The fear of being part of the noise. The fear that you won’t be noticed because of the noise.

You definitely have to start from somewhere. The silence between them has the same importance as the notes, without it, there will be no music. 

Where does music come from? “That’s easy, it comes from silence and it fades into silence.” Really?! What you’re saying here is that the creator of this song came from nowhere, sat at the piano, played for two minutes and from her action resulted this beautiful song?

There must be more than that. What if before composing this song she was at war with the noise. The noise in her head, as well as the noise that surrounds us? With every win, she moved to the next battle with confidence that someday they will make peace.

So you started playing the guitar. You phatasize about getting in front of a small crowd and entertain them someday. Everything sounds so dissonant. You’re not good at it. Should you give up? There are people who encourage you to keep going, there are a couple who tell you that you are too late to the party.

You see, this is part of your journey. Look for the noise in your life and see the opportunity that comes with it. As long as you keep it at a moderate level and refrain the urge to amplify it, a little bit of noise will never hurt.


here we go again

Here we
go again

Once upon a time time there was this unfinished story. How come you’re beginning with something unfinished? (you might ask)

You see, this story has no end because the writer couldn’t find the inner power to start it (even though he constantly talks about the creative process, the muse etc.)

We are on and off. Tomorrow will definitely save this day, that’s why we sit and wait. And it comes, it’s here and nothing’s saved… even though you feel lost, you give it another try… tomorrow is definitely THE DAY.

You feel like in that movie where you live the same day over and over again. When evening comes you realise that today was identical to the day before. Now that you figured this out, tomorrow’s gonna be different!

You make the same mistakes as yesterday, over and over again. 

What if you don’t have the power to change the course of actions but instead you have the power to accept what’s happening and don’t take yourself so damn serious?

What if you could send a message to your future self? Since you remember things only during the evenings, when you’re going to do the review for the day, wouldn’t be great if you weren’t so harsh?



v 0.15b

I’ve just finished a new session of Sample Surfing.

For this session I’ve created 10 MIDI tracks and added the presets before starting. I’ve named each track accordingly, started the timer and had fun.

I had to admit that the start was hard as usual (i felt that I should stop because I was making a fool out of myself. Eventually the sounds started getting along together and I forgot that I was doing this thing live on Facebook.

If you feel like there’s something you can take from this groove, flick through the samples, download and use whatever you want, however you want.




v 0.13b

As a Sample Surfer, I’m running towards the water in order to get that wave. You’ll never now if it’s a flop or you get into a tidal wave until you are in the water, swimming towards it.

This is the third episode from this venture, where I guide you through the ocean of presets.

Feel free to download the sounds and use them to your heart’s desire!


almost set

Almost set

How come you’re never ready… Once you finish reading that book or watching the tutorial, you feel like attending one more course in order for everything to be perfect in order to start practicing. So you take it. And another one, and so on until you forgot where you were heading.

Why is showing up so scary?

Just think about it for a moment: it’s not hard at all to show up. As long as you want it, it will happen effortlessly. But for now,  you really have to watch the latest episode from that series. It just premiered. It’s urgent so life can wait. You’ll start the project tomorrow, the first thing in the morning. No worries, you’ll have the whole day to do the work.

There’s no need to take small steps on a daily basis, when you can take a leap every Sunday, don’t you? And now Sunday comes, and guess what, something else needs all your attention?

It’s not your fault! What could you do… Almost everybody is in the same situation as you so why bother changing things.

Well, as long as you take full responsibility for your current actions there’s nothing wrong. On the other hand if you feel sorry for yourself and for the time you wasted, stop it right there and start taking those small steps toward changing things. You see, it’s like recovering after an accident: as easy as it may seem to walk (it used to be automatic), you have to learn everything again; just focus and take one step at a time, one day you will be running again.

Start now!