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  • lets-celebrate

    Let’s Celebrate One, two, three into the four… Mic Check People used to gather celebrate. In the near future people will still gather. But what about now? Celebrate because you lived another day. Celebrate because tomorrow you have the chance to start all over again. Celebrate because you can read this from a screen (that […]

  • inspiration

    Inspiration Where does it come from? Do you need it? Do you crave for it? What’s the worst that could happen if it doesn’t show up? In this world governed by ideas, there are times when you would give your all in order to catch one of those original thoughts that would change your status. […]

  • elementor-564on-the-fly

    On the Fly ’cause it’s like that and that’s the way it is! You end up doing it on the last moment. You improvise something. It turns out to be ok. Or…. Well, what if you prepared? How would you do it next time?  When it comes out “on the fly” you let your subconscious […]

  • bliss

    Bliss It’s a blessing. 14:40 left What should I do now? Where should I go? I should have written this post two hours ago. Anyway I’m still here. I’m doing it for the sake of the exercise. And this was week number 17. There’s no more energy. Right now my internal battery as less than […]

  • the-rule-of-three

    The rule of three Is there such a rule? It’s that thing that makes the difference between good and bad storytelling. It’s all about timing, density and contrast. Of course you can break this rule if it’s for a good cause, such as building anticipation or creating some kind of contrast. Usually the climax comes […]

  • but-first

    …but first You don’t know how you got here. You woke up at 05:00, did some creative work, had a coffee and now it’s 22:52. What happened? You started with good intentions. Yesterday, around the same time and place you called it a day and you were greatful that you’ll start all over again in […]

  • a-burden

    a Burden Well well, so you made it to the 22nd Century. That wasn’t so hard after all. You see, all this future came with a lot of weight attached to it. As decades passed, you managed to get a lighter load upon your shoulders, literally speaking. Simply because everything has to balanced, this physical […]

  • winnings-winning

    Winning’s winning But what if you loose? What does “winning” really mean? You can win and feel like a looser while you can loose and feel that you’ve won! It’s all about why are you here, in this race. Either in your head or a real race, you have a reason to compete. People feel […]

  • what-if

    What if What if you start everything with “what if”? Depending on the way you feel about the circumstances you find yourself in, this “what if” will help you move forward. It’s about the way you see possibility. If it’s being used by the lizard brain, “what if” might get you stuck for a while […]

  • sample-surfing-026b

    v 0.26b Simply do it! Sometimes it’s harder than you have imagined.  When life gives you samples, make sample-nade!