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  • outta-time

    Outta Time You end up here. Remember what you’ve promised yesterday after you finished. You said that from now on things would be different. What’s different about it now? Well, same place, same time constraint, but later. The good thing is that you haven’t given up. The bad thing is that you are late. Late […]

  • red-pill

    Red pill You don’t have another try so take your chance! The blue pill or the red pill? While the red pill feels dangerous, it’s tricky because the blue pill might come with some hidden catch. You have to pick only one! At least this is the thing that stroke your attention the very first […]

  • sample-surfing-025b

    v 0.25b You may think that you know it all or that you don’t know a thing until you put some skin in the game, until you actually do the work. No matter where you start, the main reason, the driving force is that result you designed inside your brain. Along the way, while going […]

  • nothing-seems-to-work-anymore

    Nothing seems to work anymore Really? Is that so? What have you tried so far? Do you have a list with all your failed attempts? Is there something else that you would try? How did you end up here after all? What were you thinking? It seemed easy and suddenly things are not as you […]

  • show-me-love

    Show Me Love We are hooked on it since the day we born. It changes as we grow up. Actually out perception seems to be the one to change (but we rarely see it this way). It’s always here with you as long as you have the courage to wipe out those tears and see […]

  • sample-surfing-023b

    v 0.23b Today I’ve received an egg filled with chocolate.  As soon as I finished eating I’ve filled the egg with black rice.  This is my Easter Egg Shaker.  I’ve shared some samples with you.  Feel free to use them and abuse them!  Enjoy!

  • drips in the ocean

    Drips in the Ocean One, two, three in-to the four. Does it really matter? Taken one at a time it definitely doesn’t make a difference. When you are a drip in this infinite pond, what does it matter at all? Is there an user manual. How should you live your drip life? Ten steps to […]

  • sample-surfing-23b

    v 0.23b Have no fear, Silver Surfer is here. Or should I say Tech House surfer.

  • Elementor #362

    old habits die hard An old habit is usually related to something bad. What if you could harness this power in order to improve your life? By constant repetition our brain has been wired in a way that it feels easier to perform that bad habit than doing the good thing. Instead of blaming everything […]

  • Creative Bullying

    Creative Bullying You have always been trying new things. You are in a constant search for a different angle. You don’t overthink.  By showing up and being vulnerable, you get those insights that you would definitely miss if you were hiding. You follow your own rules and no matter the results, you share them in order […]