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You end up here. Remember what you’ve promised yesterday after you finished. You said that from now on things would be different. What’s different about it now?

Well, same place, same time constraint, but later. The good thing is that you haven’t given up. The bad thing is that you are late. Late for your brain to function properly. Late for those ideas that waited and waited. Maybe something good will surface. You’ll never know. At least you’re writing.

Is there something good about this? This is the remedy for procrastination. You know that you’ll show up, you know how it feels so you show up because you don’t have to put  too much effort into it. You’re moving forward from one idea to the other. You don’t come with something new. You’ve been consuming this kid of content for years now. It’s obvious to end up writing ideas related to creativity, procrastination and so on. You feel like stopping? You’d eventually stop sooner or later. Just take a couple of steps and that you can call it a day. Does it hurt? Does it feel like a burden? Come on, you’ve stumbled upon things harder than this. Much harder.

All day long you felt like you were outta time and now, while doing this prompt, you feel like seconds are dripping in slow motion. You should remind this to your future self, this way you might leverage your time and enjoy your life.

While being here, send my regards to the boss, the master of time who trained you into living each and every moment. Do you feel like going to sleep? How would it feel if you woke up every day with a clear goal in your mind? Would it still feel like you’re going outta time?

What about that song you’ve continuously working on? Yes, the one about the time that passed and the future? Is there any more space left for the present? By living in a different time than now, you are never thankful for what you have.

What is the right thing to do in order to get out of this loop? The days of future past. The butterfly effect. Just say something and the future changes right before your ears. Come on, be brave and say it! There’s never enough, that’s why we’ll constantly running. Not towards it… merely outwards because this is how it feels when you’re running outta time!

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Red pill

You don’t have another try so take your chance!

The blue pill or the red pill?

While the red pill feels dangerous, it’s tricky because the blue pill might come with some hidden catch.

You have to pick only one! At least this is the thing that stroke your attention the very first moment you got into this situation. 

What if…? That “or” that makes the link between “blue” and “red” is there for a reason; it’s there for you to make a choice. What if there is another choice? Why do you think that everything should be so strict? Just loosen up a little bit and think! What’s the opportunity here? “There’s no such thing as opportunity, I have to choose something.” Of course you have, but what’s the opportunity! “I tell you what opportunity is… it’s the lost opportunity of not knowing what the other option would feel like…”

Just open your eyes, breath in slowly and let your imagination run wild. There’s nothing to loose here (except the time it took you to decide). What if there were no limits, what would you choose? “Well. I’d choose both the red and the blue pill”

Go ahead, take them! That felt good; isn’t so? “Well now I’ll never know how it would have felt if I’d chosen only one of these pills”

It’s all about your attitude towards choice. As long as you are happy with what you went for, nothing else matters. On the other hand if you’re always afraid of loosing something by choosing the other option, not only you’ll never be happy but you’ll always approach your choices with fear.

This is what fear of missing out is all about. You’ll never be happy living the moment because your mind will always be anywhere but here. Just trust yourself on this one, you did it before and things turned out quite well. Most of the times it’s not about the choices we make but how we embrace the process that is linked to our choices. No matter what you go for, every option comes with lots of knowledge that will definitely contribute to our overall experience and enrich our lives!

Be bold! Take your chances! Embrace life with a beginner’s mind!

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v 0.25b

You may think that you know it all or that you don’t know a thing until you put some skin in the game, until you actually do the work.

No matter where you start, the main reason, the driving force is that result you designed inside your brain. Along the way, while going through the motions, when you see how far you’ve got from the desired result, fear and everything related to panic, join in order to transform this lean ride into a rollercoaster experience.

You see, no matter how bumpy the road is, you’ll eventually reach that finish line. So why would you close your eyes when you could keep  them open, enjoy the ups and downs and tell your story in order to inspire others once the ride is over?

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Nothing seems
to work anymore

Really? Is that so?

What have you tried so far? Do you have a list with all your failed attempts? Is there something else that you would try?

How did you end up here after all? What were you thinking?

It seemed easy and suddenly things are not as you imagined. How come? How many mistakes have you made?

What is a mistake after all? Trying and failing or not trying at all?

O a scale from 1 to 5, how do you feel now? Are you afraid? Of what?

What’s the worst thing that it could happen? What will happen after you have succeeded? Are you familiar with “fear of success”?

Are you happy where you are right now? Go on, take a closer look. What is happiness?

Will you be able to answer to all these question? Right now or are you going to leave them for later, when you’ll have some free time to contemplate?

There are thousands of questions out there. These are the ones that might help you find some real answers. The harder they feel, the more you” want to avoid them in order to keep your energy for some other tasks. 

Just imagine, these are just a few of the questions that pop up into your mind in a second. As long as you take your time and search for more answers, the questions will be the best starting point for your evolution process.

One more thing, when nothing seems to work, just take a sit, write the first question that pops into your mind and leave it there. Just stare at it without looking for the answer. Just observe the ink, the letters, the texture of the paper. What color is it? What shade of beige? Smell it. What does this reminds you of. As you can see, this is an infinite string of questions.

What is the first question that come into your mind right now? What about now? And now?

If we would continue this process, for a while it might feel that we’re getting nowhere. But this is the first step towards changing “nothing” into “something”.

YES! Something seems to work!

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Me Love

We are hooked on it since the day we born. It changes as we grow up. Actually out perception seems to be the one to change (but we rarely see it this way).

It’s always here with you as long as you have the courage to wipe out those tears and see clearly. We always ask for it but we refrain for giving it back to the rightful owner. You see, it’s impossible for you to show me love, because the first person who has the power to show “me love” is myself.

I can love myself (not the narcissistic kind), but I’m afraid. What will the others think. They won’t respect me anymore. Instead of showing some respect to myself, I’m doing my best to respect their opinions. I know, I’m doing myself a huge disservice. But this is just a passing phase.

The time will come. Don’t know when, but it will definitely come. I will get out of this harmful comfort zone. It’s a mirage and nothing more. The longer I indulge myself and stay here, the harder it will be to come out. I’m addicted. I’m going by the motions, lying to myself that this is the golden path to success.

How would you enjoy all the success then if you are not able to enjoy the life you have (always striving for more, every time you get close to that deadline, you change the rules of the game in a way that puts you one step behind. “Yes, as soon as I finish this I will take a break” (I heard you saying this over and over again). Frankly speaking, when was the last time you had a break (and I’m not talking about going for a walk, spending a week on a beautiful balearic island, or even having that special brew). When was the last time you had your mind clear (that headspace you love bragging about).

It’s so strange how people see you as the person you’re struggling to become. They tell you that you have all these qualities that set you apart in a way, that make you special. “Yeah, yeah” and you move one.

Is it worth it to feed your ego only with failures? Is it right to find something for him to eat, even though right now on the menu there are only those small wins he doesn’t like?

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v 0.23b

Today I’ve received an egg filled with chocolate. 

As soon as I finished eating I’ve filled the egg with black rice. 

This is my Easter Egg Shaker. 

I’ve shared some samples with you. 

Feel free to use them and abuse them! 


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drips in the ocean

Drips in
the Ocean

One, two, three in-to the four. Does it really matter? Taken one at a time it definitely doesn’t make a difference. When you are a drip in this infinite pond, what does it matter at all?

Is there an user manual. How should you live your drip life? Ten steps to having a fulfilled life? How to swim? Whatever. Someday you’ll vaporise anyway. But still, what are a drip’s best practices? You are part of something bigger than you. The bad news is that you are too small. The good news is that you are as small as any other drip around here. Size doesn’t matter here because there is no such thing as size. Everybody is transparent here. We have nothing to hide. Our purpose is to keep the ecosystem working. 

Let’s get back to the most important thing: why are you here. Maybe you are here because without you, nobody would be here. You showed up so everybody showed up. It’s all or nothing. If they are not here, they are on their way, or maybe on a puffy cloud waiting to start the ride of their life.

I am greatful because you are a wise drip. Please tell the others that I am also greatful for all their hard word they are doing. I for one believe that you need a lot of courage to show up every day despite your insignificant size. I wish someday we learn our lesson and show up together as one, transparent as you are.

When you go back up, say hello to the Sun!

This is kinda it, you little drip

Every time we say goodbye

I don’t know why

I want you to stay

Just another day

With all this dust

Around the trip.

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v 0.23b

Have no fear, Silver Surfer is here.

Or should I say Tech House surfer.


Elementor #362

old habits
die hard

An old habit is usually related to something bad. What if you could harness this power in order to improve your life?

By constant repetition our brain has been wired in a way that it feels easier to perform that bad habit than doing the good thing.

Instead of blaming everything on the old habits, invite them in and use them (they won’t mind), use them as a trigger for the recurring thing you intend to do on a daily basis. Instead of thinking “I’m going to eat that bar of chocolate and ___ (fill in the blanks with your favorite selfflagelating words)”, next time you feel like falling for an old habit try “Ok. I’ve been here before. I’m going to eat the chocolate but first, I have to do this thing for 5 minutes”. Not only you’ll feel better, but there will be situations where you will be so absorbed by the process that you’ll forget that you wanted to eat.

The good part is related to the good that comes with pivoting, by commiting to 15 minutes a day, by showing up over and over again, you’ll develop old habits, the good kind. Guess I haven’t repeated enough, that’s why I’m saying it one more time: commit for 15 minutes (if that’s not possible, go for 10 or even 5, all you have to do is show up.

The worst time to come up with these bad habits was 20 years ago, the best time to come up with some long lasting old habits, is now.

[this is the first draft; i’ll look over it tomorrow and see if there’s something that makes sense]



Creative Bullying

Creative Bullying

You have always been trying new things. You are in a constant search for a different angle. You don’t overthink. 

By showing up and being vulnerable, you get those insights that you would definitely miss if you were hiding. You follow your own rules and no matter the results, you share them in order to inspire the ones around you to start their own creative endeavour.

Despite all your good intentions there are some people who can’t believe their eyes that this is possible and, without knowing a thing about the person who is in front of them, they start pointing fingers and giving unsolicited feedback (you know, that kind of feedback that it isn’t meant be constructive at all), the kind of feedback that is meant to increase their own status.

When you see the words on the screen, you can’t believe your eyes. What did I do wrong? Is there an authority who should say who’s worthy or not of doing live streams on the internet? You might be part of that noise, but you definitely have to start for somewhere.

On the other hand, you don’t know a thing about the person on the other end of the screen: he might be scared, maybe he had a bad day or simply put this might be the only way he can release their tension (you don’t have to blame them for that!)

Instead of getting it personal,  you should understand that they “didn’t get the joke” and move forward, create some more and show up.

Simply do it!

Make it till you make it!