Creative Bullying

You have always been trying new things. You are in a constant search for a different angle. You don’t overthink. 

By showing up and being vulnerable, you get those insights that you would definitely miss if you were hiding. You follow your own rules and no matter the results, you share them in order to inspire the ones around you to start their own creative endeavour.

Despite all your good intentions there are some people who can’t believe their eyes that this is possible and, without knowing a thing about the person who is in front of them, they start pointing fingers and giving unsolicited feedback (you know, that kind of feedback that it isn’t meant be constructive at all), the kind of feedback that is meant to increase their own status.

When you see the words on the screen, you can’t believe your eyes. What did I do wrong? Is there an authority who should say who’s worthy or not of doing live streams on the internet? You might be part of that noise, but you definitely have to start for somewhere.

On the other hand, you don’t know a thing about the person on the other end of the screen: he might be scared, maybe he had a bad day or simply put this might be the only way he can release their tension (you don’t have to blame them for that!)

Instead of getting it personal,  you should understand that they “didn’t get the joke” and move forward, create some more and show up.

Simply do it!

Make it till you make it!