Drips in
the Ocean

One, two, three in-to the four. Does it really matter? Taken one at a time it definitely doesn’t make a difference. When you are a drip in this infinite pond, what does it matter at all?

Is there an user manual. How should you live your drip life? Ten steps to having a fulfilled life? How to swim? Whatever. Someday you’ll vaporise anyway. But still, what are a drip’s best practices? You are part of something bigger than you. The bad news is that you are too small. The good news is that you are as small as any other drip around here. Size doesn’t matter here because there is no such thing as size. Everybody is transparent here. We have nothing to hide. Our purpose is to keep the ecosystem working. 

Let’s get back to the most important thing: why are you here. Maybe you are here because without you, nobody would be here. You showed up so everybody showed up. It’s all or nothing. If they are not here, they are on their way, or maybe on a puffy cloud waiting to start the ride of their life.

I am greatful because you are a wise drip. Please tell the others that I am also greatful for all their hard word they are doing. I for one believe that you need a lot of courage to show up every day despite your insignificant size. I wish someday we learn our lesson and show up together as one, transparent as you are.

When you go back up, say hello to the Sun!

This is kinda it, you little drip

Every time we say goodbye

I don’t know why

I want you to stay

Just another day

With all this dust

Around the trip.