On the

’cause it’s like that and that’s the way it is!

You end up doing it on the last moment. You improvise something. It turns out to be ok. Or….

Well, what if you prepared? How would you do it next time? 

When it comes out “on the fly” you let your subconscious do its work. It’s like skiing, except you don’t risk breaking your leg. You might feel that there’s a huge leap your taking, but there’s nothing to break here. Maybe you could loose some of your social status but except that, you’re safe.

Why are you playing so safe if you’re safe already? Is there something else about your current situation? How does it fell being a coward. Just before you go to bed, what’s the last thing that comes into your mind? What are the three most beautiful things that happened to you today? Have you left a positive mark on this planet?

Except your creative act, what else benefits from being accomplished “on the fly”? What would benefit from a slow treatment? Does your life worths to be lived “on the fly”?

Just rambling… This text is being written “on the fly”. You can spot its quality from a mile. It lacks clarity. When you’re speeding up, time compresses and you miss all the details: the trees become smaller and the road is narrow. One bad decision and everything falls apart. The good news: you’ll arrive at your destination earlier. The bad news: except finishing you won be enjoying anything else. Time will pass and “i finished faster” would be your only memory, your only story. On the other hand if you stop being a speed junky, you’ll be enjoying all these stories that will be worth being told.

On the fly. What is opposed to this? In the moment? Right now, right here?

The end… You’ll get there anyway, why don’t you smell the roses for the time being?