What could you create that will disappear in a way that people will miss it when it’s gone (and hope it comes back soon)?

I could put on a show. A show where I jam and mix live from a beautiful crowded street at sunset. In order to hear the music you would have use your smartphone and a pair of headphones (even though you are standing next to me): everything is being streamed live on FB/Twitch/Youtube. 

The moment the show ends, it would be taken down. I could do this on a daily basis and once per month I would post a “best of” video from the previous sessions: you could watch it for free for a limited period. After that, you could watch it only if you have subscribed via Patreon (or Youtube — it started its own subscription based system).

What could you create that would give me a real incentive to tell my friends?

Every week I could create a best-of  sample pack with the street sounds I recorded during the live sessions. 

I found out that certain kinds of people (“people like us”) like to see how you start, process and use sounds. 

Once they see the results, they are eager to replicate the process. In order to make their lives easier and to free up their time in order to focus un some other part of the creative process, I would share my sounds with them; from here on, they could take them further and enjoy their own creative process.

That makes news?

I would also encourage them to share their work with their friends, this way they will be happy to come back for more. I could curate a list with the top 5 tracks and make a special video with them, this would also be news worth sharing.

How can you organise resources so that the sum is greater than the parts?

First of all I start a process from scratch. I document it. I export the sounds with plenty of info (song key, tempo etc.) and I make it easily available for anyone who watched the live stream (I could also share a special URL with the sound pack during the end of the stream).

 I would add some limits in order to make the process more fun (ex.: use a timer and come up with a musical idea using these samples in less than 30 minutes; send me your song by 20:00 in order to be featured in the beginning of tomorrow’s live stream).

Who can get the word out in exchange for a share of the total pie of attention?

The creators who are willing to join the ride will definitely put the word out. After I receive all the songs and curate the list with the tracks that would be on the next show, I will contact them and tell them that they will be featured on the live show at 16:00.

What would happen if your promotion didn’t work?

Nobody would engage and play this creative game. 

I won’t receive any kind of feedback. 

Nobody would gain something from this experience.

What would happen if it did?

Creators would have a lot of fun. I would manage to get together different kinds of people. 

The promotion would turn from this virtual space into a live event where people meet each other in person. People would connect, have fun and make long lasting friendships.

What’s your next project?

I’ve just described my next project. I have to admit that when I started writing this post I didn’t expected to come up with this idea. I’m glad that it’s not all about me and my music after all, and that I have a good feeling that this is going to work.