Here we
go again

Once upon a time time there was this unfinished story. How come you’re beginning with something unfinished? (you might ask)

You see, this story has no end because the writer couldn’t find the inner power to start it (even though he constantly talks about the creative process, the muse etc.)

We are on and off. Tomorrow will definitely save this day, that’s why we sit and wait. And it comes, it’s here and nothing’s saved… even though you feel lost, you give it another try… tomorrow is definitely THE DAY.

You feel like in that movie where you live the same day over and over again. When evening comes you realise that today was identical to the day before. Now that you figured this out, tomorrow’s gonna be different!

You make the same mistakes as yesterday, over and over again. 

What if you don’t have the power to change the course of actions but instead you have the power to accept what’s happening and don’t take yourself so damn serious?

What if you could send a message to your future self? Since you remember things only during the evenings, when you’re going to do the review for the day, wouldn’t be great if you weren’t so harsh?