I Pirate

Why in the world would you buy that software when you can get a pirated cop!?

And just when I thought that this was a thing of the past, I’ve found out that people are still using dodgy copies of their favorite software. Isn’t it more expensive?

Noo, it’s really free. The only downside is that you have to hit that skip button for a couple of ads and that you don’t have the latest updates available.

Well, from the experience I had with pirate software I found out that it’s very expensive to use. Yes, you don’t pay with cash, because you don’t see the money, it doesn’t mean that it’s free.

Pirate software as a marketing tool

Where demo software usually fails in making the sale, the cracked versions seems to make a great job. By having the sensation that it is complete pirate software makes you dig deeper and learn all the advanced features. Everything works great until your operating system gets an unexpected update. You are a pirate so you don’t get the update for that cracked copy.

Let’s say a drug dealer gets robbed. Does he ask the police for help?

If a pirate has a problem with the cracked software, does he call customer support? Not only he is unable to get his money back (dooh) but he’s also unable to complain. If I were one of those companies that gets its software pirated, I would launch demo versions (with normal timebombs) and also my own pirated versions (with a custom timebomb based on the most important feature of the software — e.g. when the project gets to 4+ hours of work, the software crashes etc.).

Would that be ethical?