I told
you so

Really ?! How come?

Weren’t you the one who told me there’s no need to walk the extra mile? What about your suggestion regarding that cold shower? I know, you care about me and you do your best to keep me safe, but you see, we’re not in the savannah. It’s safe. I can do whatever I want, I can stumble and fall and I can still have another chance tomorrow.

Why are you changing all the time? What’s in it for you if now you tell me to stay and the very next moment you complain that we should have moved?

How do you feel deep down inside when you stop me from taking the shower? I turn on the water and leave it running until it’s cold as ice. I get into the shower, the flight or flight mode kicks in. I get out, I’m refreshed. While looking in the mirror, I hear this slick, calm voice: it was such a great idea to take this shower, I told you so!

this is the last creative endevour for the day. I’m writing here because you told me so. Yep, you told me that it would be a good idea to pass, that I really need some rest. I wonder what’s on your mind, what are you going to say after I hit that “post” button. (One thing is for sure, you’ve just made a suggestion that it’s not such a good idea to post this draft.)

As usual, it’s my skin in the game. I’l take my changes, there’s no other option than to move forward. Don’t tell me I haven’t told you so!