In the morning

First I came up with this title, then I wanted to start writing right away. I couldn’t find a way to use the previous template on this post. I went on searching Youtube. Found a short video. Problem solved.

Now back to the post. What was that great idea that I wanted to write about? It’s all gone. It was such a great idea (I know… I’ve already told you that). If only I could turn back the time and write it down on a piece of paper…

Something tells me that by the end of the fifteen minutes alloted to this writing session I would have come with another idea. Even better, a great idea.

— There was something about the morning…

— Just cut it loose, she will never come back…

— I tell you, this is really great

— Yeah, sure, it’s called sunken cost. Just deal with it!

(and these are only two of the voices inside my head, fighting for supremacy. Instead o taking a break and turning this hostile environment into something suitable for creativity, they just fight about something that’s long gone)

Anyway, mornings are the perfect time of the day for ideas to pop. Just sit at your desk and write… Write gibberish. Don’t edit. It’s not about editing here, it’s more about leaving something behind (leaving this place better than when you found it).

The race is on, there are 6 more minutes left from this session. A session about nothing, that, just like the dadaist poems, depending from what angle you are reading, they will make sense. They might spark an insight or make you feel that you’ve waisted your time. Anyway, if you’re still here, reading it means that you are looking for something noteworthy and mentionable. Believe it or not, I’m looking for the same thing, that’s why I haven’t stopped writing.

I wish that evenings were like mornings, with all that inspiration and fresh mind. Well, you see, I’ve started writing this a couple of minutes before 9:00PM. As soon as the first minutes passed, the timer teleported me into the morning. It’s dark outside but I feel rejuvenated.

This is the power of an item that has been associated with the process that you love doing. I’m not a writer, I’ll never feel like one, but I definitely love writing about nothing.

See you tomorrow, morning.