Where does it come from? Do you need it? Do you crave for it? What’s the worst that could happen if it doesn’t show up?

In this world governed by ideas, there are times when you would give your all in order to catch one of those original thoughts that would change your status. It might take the form of a picture, some inspiring text or motion graphics. Ideas are the new currency.

You trade ideas for attention. The better the ideas, the longer the attention. Keep them coming and you’ll be on the map and people will come back for more. You will make a living out of ideas.

The worst case scenario? In snowbording, you take the biggest falls after you get the taste of riding and want some more. It’s the same with ideas: let’s say you are here, in a place where none of your ideas have stuck, you keep looking until you find a noteworthy one. From now on everything changes. If you never come with something similar, you’ll be remembered as a “one hit wonder” (if anybody will remember you at all).

The place where these ideas come from? In general people call it inspiration, others say that’s something related to geniuses. What the majority doesn’t now (especially the ones who are watching from the comfort of their couches) is that the only thing creation and inspiration have in common is related to a physical act: taking the deep breath before doing the work.

Next time you want to create, you’ll definitely need inspiration. Listen to your thoughts related to the thing that you’ll always wanted to create (there might be a lot of noise that stops you from taking action). 

Inspire, expire, inspire, expire.

Do it for 10 seconds then, have a sit and do the work!