Make Noise

Fear of flight. Fear of hight…. water, boats, spiders… 

Fear of noise. The fear of being part of the noise. The fear that you won’t be noticed because of the noise.

You definitely have to start from somewhere. The silence between them has the same importance as the notes, without it, there will be no music. 

Where does music come from? “That’s easy, it comes from silence and it fades into silence.” Really?! What you’re saying here is that the creator of this song came from nowhere, sat at the piano, played for two minutes and from her action resulted this beautiful song?

There must be more than that. What if before composing this song she was at war with the noise. The noise in her head, as well as the noise that surrounds us? With every win, she moved to the next battle with confidence that someday they will make peace.

So you started playing the guitar. You phatasize about getting in front of a small crowd and entertain them someday. Everything sounds so dissonant. You’re not good at it. Should you give up? There are people who encourage you to keep going, there are a couple who tell you that you are too late to the party.

You see, this is part of your journey. Look for the noise in your life and see the opportunity that comes with it. As long as you keep it at a moderate level and refrain the urge to amplify it, a little bit of noise will never hurt.