You end up here. Remember what you’ve promised yesterday after you finished. You said that from now on things would be different. What’s different about it now?

Well, same place, same time constraint, but later. The good thing is that you haven’t given up. The bad thing is that you are late. Late for your brain to function properly. Late for those ideas that waited and waited. Maybe something good will surface. You’ll never know. At least you’re writing.

Is there something good about this? This is the remedy for procrastination. You know that you’ll show up, you know how it feels so you show up because you don’t have to put ¬†too much effort into it. You’re moving forward from one idea to the other. You don’t come with something new. You’ve been consuming this kid of content for years now. It’s obvious to end up writing ideas related to creativity, procrastination and so on. You feel like stopping? You’d eventually stop sooner or later. Just take a couple of steps and that you can call it a day. Does it hurt? Does it feel like a burden? Come on, you’ve stumbled upon things harder than this. Much harder.

All day long you felt like you were outta time and now, while doing this prompt, you feel like seconds are dripping in slow motion. You should remind this to your future self, this way you might leverage your time and enjoy your life.

While being here, send my regards to the boss, the master of time who trained you into living each and every moment. Do you feel like going to sleep? How would it feel if you woke up every day with a clear goal in your mind? Would it still feel like you’re going outta time?

What about that song you’ve continuously working on? Yes, the one about the time that passed and the future? Is there any more space left for the present? By living in a different time than now, you are never thankful for what you have.

What is the right thing to do in order to get out of this loop? The days of future past. The butterfly effect. Just say something and the future changes right before your ears. Come on, be brave and say it! There’s never enough, that’s why we’ll constantly running. Not towards it… merely outwards because this is how it feels when you’re running outta time!