Red pill

You don’t have another try so take your chance!

The blue pill or the red pill?

While the red pill feels dangerous, it’s tricky because the blue pill might come with some hidden catch.

You have to pick only one! At least this is the thing that stroke your attention the very first moment you got into this situation. 

What if…? That “or” that makes the link between “blue” and “red” is there for a reason; it’s there for you to make a choice. What if there is another choice? Why do you think that everything should be so strict? Just loosen up a little bit and think! What’s the opportunity here? “There’s no such thing as opportunity, I have to choose something.” Of course you have, but what’s the opportunity! “I tell you what opportunity is… it’s the lost opportunity of not knowing what the other option would feel like…”

Just open your eyes, breath in slowly and let your imagination run wild. There’s nothing to loose here (except the time it took you to decide). What if there were no limits, what would you choose? “Well. I’d choose both the red and the blue pill”

Go ahead, take them! That felt good; isn’t so? “Well now I’ll never know how it would have felt if I’d chosen only one of these pills”

It’s all about your attitude towards choice. As long as you are happy with what you went for, nothing else matters. On the other hand if you’re always afraid of loosing something by choosing the other option, not only you’ll never be happy but you’ll always approach your choices with fear.

This is what fear of missing out is all about. You’ll never be happy living the moment because your mind will always be anywhere but here. Just trust yourself on this one, you did it before and things turned out quite well. Most of the times it’s not about the choices we make but how we embrace the process that is linked to our choices. No matter what you go for, every option comes with lots of knowledge that will definitely contribute to our overall experience and enrich our lives!

Be bold! Take your chances! Embrace life with a beginner’s mind!