almost set

Almost set

How come you’re never ready… Once you finish reading that book or watching the tutorial, you feel like attending one more course in order for everything to be perfect in order to start practicing. So you take it. And another one, and so on until you forgot where you were heading.

Why is showing up so scary?

Just think about it for a moment: it’s not hard at all to show up. As long as you want it, it will happen effortlessly. But for now,  you really have to watch the latest episode from that series. It just premiered. It’s urgent so life can wait. You’ll start the project tomorrow, the first thing in the morning. No worries, you’ll have the whole day to do the work.

There’s no need to take small steps on a daily basis, when you can take a leap every Sunday, don’t you? And now Sunday comes, and guess what, something else needs all your attention?

It’s not your fault! What could you do… Almost everybody is in the same situation as you so why bother changing things.

Well, as long as you take full responsibility for your current actions there’s nothing wrong. On the other hand if you feel sorry for yourself and for the time you wasted, stop it right there and start taking those small steps toward changing things. You see, it’s like recovering after an accident: as easy as it may seem to walk (it used to be automatic), you have to learn everything again; just focus and take one step at a time, one day you will be running again.

Start now!


Creative Bullying

Creative Bullying

You have always been trying new things. You are in a constant search for a different angle. You don’t overthink. 

By showing up and being vulnerable, you get those insights that you would definitely miss if you were hiding. You follow your own rules and no matter the results, you share them in order to inspire the ones around you to start their own creative endeavour.

Despite all your good intentions there are some people who can’t believe their eyes that this is possible and, without knowing a thing about the person who is in front of them, they start pointing fingers and giving unsolicited feedback (you know, that kind of feedback that it isn’t meant be constructive at all), the kind of feedback that is meant to increase their own status.

When you see the words on the screen, you can’t believe your eyes. What did I do wrong? Is there an authority who should say who’s worthy or not of doing live streams on the internet? You might be part of that noise, but you definitely have to start for somewhere.

On the other hand, you don’t know a thing about the person on the other end of the screen: he might be scared, maybe he had a bad day or simply put this might be the only way he can release their tension (you don’t have to blame them for that!)

Instead of getting it personal,  you should understand that they “didn’t get the joke” and move forward, create some more and show up.

Simply do it!

Make it till you make it!


In the morning

In the morning

First I came up with this title, then I wanted to start writing right away. I couldn’t find a way to use the previous template on this post. I went on searching Youtube. Found a short video. Problem solved.

Now back to the post. What was that great idea that I wanted to write about? It’s all gone. It was such a great idea (I know… I’ve already told you that). If only I could turn back the time and write it down on a piece of paper…

Something tells me that by the end of the fifteen minutes alloted to this writing session I would have come with another idea. Even better, a great idea.

— There was something about the morning…

— Just cut it loose, she will never come back…

— I tell you, this is really great

— Yeah, sure, it’s called sunken cost. Just deal with it!

(and these are only two of the voices inside my head, fighting for supremacy. Instead o taking a break and turning this hostile environment into something suitable for creativity, they just fight about something that’s long gone)

Anyway, mornings are the perfect time of the day for ideas to pop. Just sit at your desk and write… Write gibberish. Don’t edit. It’s not about editing here, it’s more about leaving something behind (leaving this place better than when you found it).

The race is on, there are 6 more minutes left from this session. A session about nothing, that, just like the dadaist poems, depending from what angle you are reading, they will make sense. They might spark an insight or make you feel that you’ve waisted your time. Anyway, if you’re still here, reading it means that you are looking for something noteworthy and mentionable. Believe it or not, I’m looking for the same thing, that’s why I haven’t stopped writing.

I wish that evenings were like mornings, with all that inspiration and fresh mind. Well, you see, I’ve started writing this a couple of minutes before 9:00PM. As soon as the first minutes passed, the timer teleported me into the morning. It’s dark outside but I feel rejuvenated.

This is the power of an item that has been associated with the process that you love doing. I’m not a writer, I’ll never feel like one, but I definitely love writing about nothing.

See you tomorrow, morning.



You don’t need a hit

You don't need a hit

At least not for now.

You’re just starting. A hit would definitely make you feel good. At least for a while… Not only it will turn into a burden, while trying hard to come up with the next hit, but it will also take away all the joy that got you here in the first place.

A hit worked in the 00’s and in the early 10’s, but now we’re in the 20’s. Hits changed and they are not what they used to be. How’s that? Well, if you took the long tail into consideration, the Internet makes it possible to succeed even though you’re not shooting for the head. Just take your time, do the work, find your smallest viable audience and use all your assets in order to make their lives better.

Coming back to the title, you don’t need a hit to get resources in order to continue doing your work. Instead you need to do better work in order to…

Five minutes left from this session. I feel that I should stop. In order to get things going and develop this habit (of writing 15minutes every day), I choose to keep going and write something about this process.

I use a timer. I called it writestreak 2020/the markers (this app makes it possible for you to use several timers on one screen and to also name each of them). I order to see where I started and how much I’ve learnt from this process, at the end of each session I intend to write something about the process (in italics, exactly as I’ wrote here).

I’m writing everything on my personal blog. I use WordPress with Elementor (if you would like to find more about this, I can also share why I chose this platform and how it feels to write directly here).

Also, I intend not to read and correct what I’m writing while I’m doing it (this way I keep it flow and I stop secondguessing). 19seconds left. I also added an option to the timer to show the Overtime (everything that exceeds 15 minutes, is a gift to myself).

This is my second post (yes, it’s the 3rd of April). I should have written three posts so far. I usually try conforming to the rules. Right now I’m making an exception because I really want to take this challenge.