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  • almost set

    Almost set How come you’re never ready… Once you finish reading that book or watching the tutorial, you feel like attending one more course in order for everything to be perfect in order to start practicing. So you take it. And another one, and so on until you forgot where you were heading. Why is […]

  • Creative Bullying

    Creative Bullying You have always been trying new things. You are in a constant search for a different angle. You don’t overthink.  By showing up and being vulnerable, you get those insights that you would definitely miss if you were hiding. You follow your own rules and no matter the results, you share them in order […]

  • In the morning

    In the morning First I came up with this title, then I wanted to start writing right away. I couldn’t find a way to use the previous template on this post. I went on searching Youtube. Found a short video. Problem solved. Now back to the post. What was that great idea that I wanted […]

  • You don’t need a hit

    Hits changed and they are not what they used to be. How’s that? Well, if you took the long tail into consideration…