What if

What if you start everything with “what if”?

Depending on the way you feel about the circumstances you find yourself in, this “what if” will help you move forward. It’s about the way you see possibility. If it’s being used by the lizard brain, “what if” might get you stuck for a while because it will bring all the demons to life.

“I could ask for a rise, but what if I get fired because of my action?” as opposed to “I’ve ran 2 miles, what if I run one more”?

As usual, I started this exercise with the title, without thinking about it thorougly. I’m a bit lost right now because I don’t know exactly where should I go with this post. I’ve been here before, that’s why I decided that every time I feel lost, I keep writing. This way, I know that next time I will be sitting here, it would be easy to keep going. If I get an aha moment along the way, that will be a bonus.

What if I write the post of my life right now. That post that sets you on track. The post that turns you into a star. Just like winning the lottery but without the side effects (of becoming poorer than before winning). When you hit that “post” button, everything becomes a thing of the past. 

But why do you post all this unedited text? Aren’t you afraid that somebody will read it and give you some bad feedback? Well, there is a lot of text in here. If anybody would take the time of reading this (instead of reading a good book or watching Netflix), there has to be something good about this text that made read.

That green “publish” button is a gateway. With every push, you make procrastination dissolve drip by drip. But be careful, she will never leave. Her whispers will be always be here with you. Don’t push the button and you’ll be back where you started.

Show up! Write! Push that button!