But what if you loose?

What does “winning” really mean? You can win and feel like a looser while you can loose and feel that you’ve won! It’s all about why are you here, in this race. Either in your head or a real race, you have a reason to compete.

People feel motivated when there are rules and a prize. The higher the stake, the better the you’ll feel if you win. From your childhood, you like playing games.

It’s funny how we forgot that in the beginning we used to love playing infinite games. There wasn’t a grand prize if you finished first. You could win this game, while your friend won the next one and nobody felt bad. It was all about fun.

You could learn a lot from watching kids playing. What if you could have fun even though you loose? That’s nice until there are things to loose (money would be a good example). If you’re not into gambling, you could learn a lot of things from loosing; also, if there’s money on the table, the things you learn will stick with you. As long as this kind of experiences don’t turn into fear, you’re on the right path to become better.

How often would you like to win? “Every time” Ok, I get it, but how often do you play in order to win? What’s better to win once every two games or twenty times in forty games? Which situation would bring you the best experience?

What if you’re a winner every day when you get out of bed? You could also be a winner if you don’t drink that beer. Does it count? Do you really need a leaderboard in order to feel like a winner? Do you really have to climb mount Everest? Is there something simple but noteworthy and mentionable? Just breathe! (this might seem like a win under certain circumstances) Now do it again…

What were your small wins for today?

Winning’s winning after all!